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Welcome to my journal

Welcome to my journal!

Here you will find fanfiction I wrote for the Supernatural fandom. Most of what I write focuses on John (and Sam), be it pre-series or s1-2. I tend to write a lot of AUs lately and I rarely venture into s4-6. 

My personal canon doesn't include anything beyond s3, in my Supernatural world there are no angels, there is no Apocalypse and the Trickster is still a demi-god and one of the best and funniest characters I've ever seen on the show. There is no Adam, no demon-blood-addiction and no Dean crying on the hood of the Impala. If you're interested in any of this, you've come to the wrong place.

However, if you are, like me, interested in giving Sam a chance to get to know his father better via fanfiction, then you are more than welcome to cruise around my journal and read.

A word about friending, I don't necessarily friend people back who never speak a word to me, but I also don't mind that, if you want to keep an eye on my journal, just friend away!

I guess that's it. Have fun reading and leave me a note if you like what you read!

AUs not included

      There and never back again          ||    Sam    ||    ~5,100 words    ||    R (language)    ||    Summer of Sam Love
posted on August 14th, 2011 
There are episodes, periods of near-catatonic states when his reality turns red and so very, very cold his breath turns to ice in his lungs. When he is trapped in a memory that leaves him frozen, unable to make a sound. He drops like a stone then, Dean says; he goes down and doesn’t get up again, doesn’t move, doesn’t twitch for as long as it lasts. Sometimes he even stops breathing. Scares the shit out of his brother, but Sam can’t stop it. -- Sam tries to deal with what happened in The Cage and his life afterwards.

Wild is the wind   ||   John, Missouri   ||   ~1,000 words   ||   PG 13
I want Mary.  "I know.” Warmth returned to his arm. “She’s gone.” -- One of the worst days in John's life.
I watched you disappear   ||   John, Sam   ||   ~1,300 words   ||   PG 13 
As soon as the real world becomes one with the night, he is lost. He puts the boys to bed, concentrating on staying with them, staying whole until they fall asleep. They need him and he is strong for them, is there with them. But once they drift off… -- John tries to deal.
All of me   ||   John   ||   ~1,700 words   ||   R (for language)   ||   tag to Home 
Mary had been there, she had still been there, in their home, all those years, when he’d thought her gone and lost and dead. She had been there and he hadn’t known. They had moved away, had left her behind. Had left her alone. -- John struggles to understand what has happened.
Because I could not stop for Death...    ||    John    ||    ~4,000 words    ||    PG-13     tag to In my time of dying / All hell breaks loose 2 
posted on July 6th, 2011 

The concept of time had always been difficult to grasp for him. -- John's life in a nutshell. 

Here, wherever he was, he wasn't strong enough. He couldn't comprehend what was happening to him, there was no concept, no stability, no sense to this world. It was tearing him apart in every sense of the word. -- What happened when everything was supposed to be over, but wasn't. 

  Too little, too late    ||  Dean, Sam, Bobby  ||  ~6,400 words  ||  PG 13  ||  AU, set after Everybody loves a clown
The boys try to deal with John's death and Sam realizes something about himself.

And the earth was reaped  || Dean, Sam, Bobby  ||  ~16,000 words  ||  PG 13  ||  AU, set after All hell breaks loose 2
YE is dead, the Devil's Gate is open and the deal never happened. In a world suddenly swarming with demons our boys have to find a way to survive.

part 01 -- part 02 -- part 03 -- part 04 -- part 05 -- part 06 -- part 07 -- part 08 -- part 09 -- part 10

ARTWORK -- Banner 01 -- Banner 02

If you could only see  ||  John, Dean, Sam, Bobby  ||  ~44,100 words  ||  PG 13  ||  AU, around season 1, WIP
A month before Sam could accept the free ride to Stanford he was cursed. That curse changed his life forever, he couldn't leave for college and was forced to stay with his family and continue hunting. But, if you ask him, that might not be the worst part about it.

Author's Notes  --  part 01 -- part 02 -- part 03 -- part 04 -- part 05 -- part 06 -- part 07 -- part 08 -- part 09 -- part 10 -- part 11

ARTWORK -- Banner 01 -- Banner 02 -- Banner 03 -- Wallpaper 01
Tales of the pack  ||  John, Dean, Sam, Bobby  ||  ~4,800 words  ||  PG 13  ||  AU, missing scenes for If you could only see, WIP

 part 01  --

Bad moon rising    ||    John, Sam    ||    ~6,000 words    ||   R    ||    AU
posted on June 20th, 2011
It's dark, it's the middle of the night and Sam has no idea where he's going. Streets fly by at a dizzying speed but he can't slow down, there is no time for details, not even a second to spare for paying attention to more than making sure he doesn't run into things. If he stops, he's dead, it's as simple as that. -- A hunt goes wrong and Sam has to save the day.

A little too much nothing  ||  Sam, Dean  ||  ~3,900 words  ||  PG 13  ||  tag to When the levee breaks
Dean finally gets what he wants and Sam meets someone at the panic room he hasn't met. Yet.
Along for the ride  ||  John, Sam  ||  ~1,800 words  ||  PG 13  ||  missing scene to Salvation
John, Sam, a vision. H/c of the fatherly kind.
Am I already gone?  || Sam  ||  ~3,200 words  ||  PG 13  ||  tag to It's the great pumpkin Sam Winchester
For the second time in my life I'm forced to become someone that I'm not, Sam-the-hunter is slowly being rebuilt into Sam-the-demon and no matter how hard I fight against it, everybody keeps looking at me as if I have already lost.
A walk in the park  ||  Sam, Dean  ||  ~1,000 words  ||  PG  ||  crack-fic
Sam, Dean, a park. Craziness ensues. Enjoy!
Clowns to the left of me  || John, Sam  ||  ~4,700 words  ||  PG 13  ||  h/c, pre-series
That's what you get for saving your brothers, well, behind: A headache, too much time spent trapped in a place you don’t want to be and a ghost who just won’t let go.
Deee!  ||  John, Dean, Sam  ||  ~1,000 words  ||  PG  ||  wee-chester
John almost misses another one of those moments.
Given Up  ||  John, Sam  ||  ~2,900 words  ||  NC 17  ||  missing scene to When the levee breaks
"I would want to hunt you, that's what family is for!" - Sam has a visitor in the panic room.
His brother's keeper  ||  Dean, Sam  ||  ~ 1,500 words  ||  PG 13  ||  h/c
Sam is sick and Dean is there, that's all there is.
If the devil has his way   ||  Dean, Sam, Castiel, Gabriel  ||  ~8,900 words  ||  PG 13  ||  WIP
Sam is kidnapped but they get him back and everybody is happy everafter. Right? - My take on how Sam keeps going after everything that has happened to him (from s1-5).
Moment of Truth  ||  Dean  ||  ~200 words  ||  PG 13  ||  episode-tag
What might have gone through Dean's head at the end of "You can't handle the truth".
Off the rack  ||  Dean, Sam  ||  ~1,000 words  ||  PG 13  ||  tag to Hell's angels
What Alastair might have done to break Dean.
Seperate Ways  ||  Dean, Sam  ||  ~2,300 words  ||  PG 13  ||  tag to Good God Y'all
My take on how the brothers could reunite.
Simple Past  ||  Dean, Sam  ||  ~3,700 words  ||  PG 13  ||  tag to Dark side of the moon // Swan Song
My take on where the amulet might have ended up and also how Dean might be dealing with the events of Swan Song.
So close  ||  Dean, Sam, Ellen  ||  ~2,600 words  ||  PG 13  ||  h/c
Sam is sick and Dean isn't there. Or is he
The Road to Nowhere (leads to Me)  ||  John, Dean, Sam  ||  ~7,500 words  ||  PG 13  ||  pre-series/season 1, WIP
A hunt goes bad and John meets two strange hunters who help him out.
part 01 -- part 02
Take care Sammy  ||  John, Sam  ||  ~7,000 words  ||  PG 13  ||  set between s3/s4
Sam really needs his brother and there is nothing he wouldn't do to get him back.
Note: It has been suggested that I put a tissue warning on this, so here it is: Keep tissues in close range!
Thank you  ||  Sam  ||  ~700 words  ||  PG 13  ||  drabble-tag to The song remains the same
What does Sam feel about certain aspects of his life now?
The sound of thunder  ||  John, Dean, Sam  ||  ~2,600 words  ||  PG 13  ||  pre-series
The boys are having a day off.
The weight of the world  ||  Dean, Sam, Bobby  ||  ~5,000 words  ||  PG 13 
My take on what life could be like for the boys after everything is finally over, Bobby's POV.
Where I walk alone  ||  Dean, Sam, (John)  ||  ~5,600 words  ||  NC 17  ||  set after Everybody loves a clown
Sam has nightmares. And they are bad.
Whiteout  ||  Dean, Sam  ||  ~9,900 words  ||  PG 13  ||  tag to Lucifer Rising
His nose is itching. Lucifer is rising, they've just killed Ruby and Sam is drinking demon blood. And all he can think about is that is nose is itching.

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