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And the earth was reaped -- chapter 9/10


LUCIFER RISING: 4, 1 – 4, 14

The Freeing of Lilith: 4,1 – 4,14

1 And the demon Azazel set out to do his Lord’s bidding and free Lilith. 2 But Lilith had been cast into the bottomless pit and there she was on the bottom of the pit and therefore Azazel could not reach her.

3 And thus he set out to find human children who had psychic powers.

4 And he visited their mothers and spoke unto them and made a deal with them. 5 And the deal was thus that the demon Azazel could enter their houses when their children were exactly six months old.

6 And when a child was exactly six months old Azazel entered the house and visited the child in the nursery and bled into the child’s mouth.

7 And then the demon Azazel killed many of the mothers who saw him feeding blood to their children and he burnt the mothers on the ceiling of their nurseries for no particular reason.

8 And Azazel set out to feed many children because his demon blood was better than mother’s milk.

9 And one of the children was to be the leader of Azazel’s demon army and it was to be the strongest child.

10 And the demon Azazel had to find the strongest child to be the leader of his demon army. 11 And he made it thus that he appeared in their dreams and spoke unto them, Fear not my child, for it is I, your leader.

12 And he spoke unto them further, You are a special child, you will achieve great victories in my name.

13 And the demon Azazel promised them great fame and luxury for their loyalties and many children followed his call.

14 And thus the first step to freeing Lilith from the bottom of the bottomless pit was taken.

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