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LJ is driving me crazy

For weeks now, I've been having trouble with this stupid LJ. Links in my masterpost (which I have worked on for three hours) suddenly disappear, weeks after I had finished and saved it. And when I try to put them in I have to do it via the HTML-editor since the other won't let me click 'okay' in the little box. Well, thanks to that I now know the html-code for including links, I guess that's something.

But it doesn't stop there, the format of long ago posted entries is all over the place, some passages are in different sizes.

I lost tags to my entries, they suddenly no longer show up when I click on the tag.

I have to reload my front page at least four times before it shows up.

Not to mention that the stupid rich text editor strips the texts I wrote in word of all formats and I have to go through every line for italics or bold writing. I know that's actually a desired effect to reduce the html-word-count (?) of an entry (or something like that), but it's driving me crazy.

I'm paying for this crap. Yes, I did get two extra weeks for my account and, yes, I know the people at LJ are working their asses off to solve the problems, but still... It's SO frustrating...

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