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Moving on...

After thinking about it for days now, I've finally created a second journal for whatever I might do in the future, fanfic/art - wise.

Everything about this journal here screams SPN at me (well, obviously I wanted it to do that, or I wouldn't have created my theme accordingly) but it seems that the show and me will be going seperate ways from now on. And I need a place where I can be creative and post what's on my mind in the future, be it for the new fandom I seem to be getting quite obsessed with or just rant about stuff that has nothing to do with SPN.

I suppose I could change this journal, you know, change the settings, the pictures, the introductory post... But I don't want to, not really. Supernatural has been an important part of my life for a long time now, it would feel sooo wrong to change everything. I also don't want to give up on my fics completely, I do have some hope to be able to return to John and the boys after I get some distance to all the weird feelings that define the show for me at the moment.

So, no, I'm not purging this journal, my fics will remain online and accessible. But I won't be posting much here anymore.

For anyone interested, the new journal can be found under saltzatore, but, so far, there's nothing on it, yet, that's gonna take a few days.

Well, what can I say? It's been a wild ride, this show has influenced me in a way I wouldn't have thought possible. I've 'met' a very, VERY important person this way and she's become a very close friend of mine, even if we never met in person (though it certainly feels like we did).

I saw the good and the bad that can come out of an online fandom and I will certainly never be able to forget that experience. It's nice to be part of something this big and it can get kind of frustrating as well.

A huge Thank You to everyone involved in the show for creating those awesome characters and giving me a long list of actors to fall in love with, most of all, of course, Mr. Morgan and Mr. Padalecki, I'll definitely be following them outside of the show.

Goodbye, show, may you get all the attention you deserve. And keep all those fans happy!


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