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Big Bang: Wrestling Angels, PG 13, masterpost

Title: Wrestling Angels
Author: mikiya2200
Artist: pleasebekidding
Pairing(s)/Characters: John, Sam, Dean
Fandom: Supernatural
Genre: gen, character study, family, what-if-scenario, AU
Warning: none
Word Count: ~ 15k
Rating: PG 13

Beta: ghostfour, pleasebekidding

Summary: (Set after season 2.) John comes back to find his boys… changed, affected by recent events (the opening of the Devil’s Gate, Dean’s deal, Sam’s death). He tries to make sense of what he sees, tries to reconnect, get along—but there are complications, things have changed. The boys have changed. John himself has changed. The Winchesters have to find a way to (literally) breach the gap between them and only time will tell if they can put the past and their differences aside to work on the present.


   Thank You   
ghostfour for always being there for me, through the good times and the bad. She's been there from the very first word I wrote for this until now. I owe her a lot, not only for this, but for everything. I love you, hun, for seeing the way even when I didn't know where to go anymore. I might have dropped out of this if it wasn't for you. This wouldn't have been possible without you.

pleasebekidding for the wonderful art for this. I LOVE the banner, the composition, how she instinctively used two of my ALL TIME FAVORITE pics of my boys. She brought me stubble! When I was freaking out she sent me even more stubble and calmed me down. She helped a lot and I am SO happy I got her to do the art because she's obviously amazing at it! PAELLA, hun, so much you're gonna drown in it! Thank you SO MUCH for everything!

part I     part II     part III
But Sammy just shuts down sometimes. He’s got all th e willpower us Winchesters are known for, but in him it sits quietly. You don’t notice it’s there until he decides he feels strongly enough about something that he won’t compromise. Then you might as  well wrestle angels.
John Winchester’s Diary
Tags: artwork, fanfiction, john winchester big bang, spn dean, spn john, spn sam, supernatural

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