mikiya2200's Journal

19 July

Welcome to my Journal.

Here you will find fanfiction written by me, mostly about Supernatural, the show I'm obsessed with even though I'm not really watching it anymore. I tend to write AUs mostly these days and my focus switched from writing Sam and Dean to stories about Sam and John. I love to explore their relationship. I tend to write John as a human being, with flaws and faults and everything and I also like my Sam competent and able to defend himself. Except for earlier stuff I've written, you won't find big-brother-Dean-fics here anymore, after watching s4-6 I simply can't write about Dean that way. I don't necessarily hate him (and prior to those season I would even say I adore him) but he will never be the focus of my stories again.

I consider myself a John-girl through and through.

My personal canon doesn't include anything beyond s3, in my Supernatural world there are no angels, there is no Apocalypse and the Trickster is still a demi-god and one of the best and funniest characters I've ever seen on the show. There is no Adam, no demon-blood-addiction and no Dean crying on the hood of the Impala. If you're interested in any of this, you've come to the wrong place.

If you are, like me, however interested in giving Sam a chance to get to know his father better via fanfiction, then you are more than welcome to cruise around my journal and read.

A word about friending, I don't necessarily friend people back who never speak a word to me, but I also don't mind that, if you want to keep an eye on my journal, just friend away!

I guess that's it. Have fun reading and leave me a note if you like what you read!

Edit October 2011: This journal is currently on hold, not much will be posted here for the time being. Sadly, I no longer watch the show nor am I working on fanfic for it. There might be a chance that one of my WIPs might actually be finished this year and I'm taking part in the John Winchester Big Bang 2011 (because, really, how could I not?), but that's about it for now.